As Our Gift to You...  Get Your FREE Executor's Checklist Here.

Being named the Executor/Executrix of someone’s estate is a very honourable and responsible role.  The honest truth is you want to do your best but very few of us really know where to start, what to do and what sort of resources we are going to need.


During the course of my career, clients have called me for years after our business was concluded to point them in the direction of a service provider they could trust (plumber, painter etc.).  Quite frankly, it was the inspiration for my website name.


When I was asked to help find someone that could help settle an estate for a busy client of mine, I immediately thought of Gregg at Executor Support.  His experience and understanding of the requirements and complexities of settling an estate in order to properly carry out the final wishes detailed in the Will are unmatched by anyone I have ever come across.  With knowledge, efficiency and an unmatched level of one-on-one service, he cost-effectively handles most of the tasks that you, the executor, would normally do by yourself, thereby...



Avoiding costly and time-consuming mistakes;

Processing the estate faster and more efficiently;

Avoiding family conflict;

Freeing up time for your family and other obligations; and

Alleviating stress and frustration.




 Executor Support Works in Partnership With You


By helping to complete the tasks up to and including distributing proceeds of the estate to beneficiaries.  Some of our primary responsibilities include...  


Preparing an inventory of assets;

Generating a balance sheet of assets and liabilities;

Arranging income tax returns;

Closing accounts with service providers;

Paying outstanding debts;

Transferring or selling real estate, vehicles and other assets; and

Distributing proceeds of the estate to the beneficiaries.




Feel free to call me if you need additional information.  Until then, please accept this gift on our behalf.  It’s a detailed executor's checklist of things that you need to do to settle an estate properly.  Hopefully, if nothing else, we can get you started.


All the best,